Concerto panel

general description

The Concerto panel is the content management system and administration panel for the entire platform (your installation only). This is where you can create new tests, edit your HTML templates, browse your data tables or just add new users who can access the panel. The Concerto panel is available at <your installation URL>/cms URL and only registered and authorized Concerto users have access to the panel.

The Concerto panel is divided into the following sections:

In the following picture we can see the Concerto panel with the 'tests tab' selected on list view:

panel header

As the name implies, the header is located at the top of the panel and always visible. Starting from the left, it contains the following elements:

panel tab menu

Located just below the panel header, the panel tab menu contains:

panel tab view switcher

Located inside every tab. It allows you to switch between:

panel tab list view

Here you can see all available objects from a specific tab in your currently selected workspace. Starting from the top, we have:

panel form view

Each tab's form view is explained on its respective wiki page:

The footer is located at the bottom of the panel and contains a few useful links to: