displaying dynamic content on HTML templates

general description

Concerto tests are very flexible. You can insert any dynamic content into specific sections on the HTML template at run time. That is why Concerto pages are called HTML templates. We can imagine situations where a test uses only one HTML template but changes it's content depending on the current test session state.

declaring dynamic content on HTML templates

As you can see in the example above we created a very simple HTML template. What is interesting in it is {{username}} string in the template header and {{questions}} string in the template middle section.

By using double curly brackets: {{something}}, we declare that this is the place where we want to insert some dynamic content at a run time. This section will later be referred to by the name that is located within double brackets. The template is ready for dynamic content. Now let's take a look at how to insert any variable value into sections in the test logic.

inserting dynamic content to HTML templates in test logic

That's it! The section in HTML template declared as a dynamic content will now be filled with selected variable values.